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Against child labour 

Against child labour

CARE & FAIR is an organization of the European carpet trade, which improve the social situation of carpet weavers‘ families in India and Pakistan. An alliance of exporters, importers and retailers has committed to upgrade living conditions specially for children in regions, where basic education is not given.

Specially in these regions children need to work early to contribute to the living of the family. Often they are involved in handcrafted jobs like knotting carpets. When customers buy a knotted carpet, they must be sure that it was not made by illegal child labour.


„Where ever the social state changed sufficiently to the better and children had a school to go to, the child labour disappeared“
once the famous children rights organization TERRE DES HOMMES reported.

This statement was the basis of CARE & FAIR’s goal is to eliminate illegal Child Labour in the carpet producing areas.

Most parents would nowadays like their children to visit schools.

But schools and education is still not sufficiently available. Also not everything is accessible to everyone.

CARE & FAIR has accomplished great deals and runs presently:

Build 10 Schools

*providing education for 3.450 children

Build 6 education centres (for woman)

*Teaching at the moment more than 230 women

3 basic health care centres,

which provide free treatment and medicine

*treating presently approx. 60.250 patients per year

2018-11-14-001 - 2018 Fete.jpg

2.691 children

In each school there are about 350 children and 10 teachers.
Specially with CARE & FAIR‘s woman empowerment program we try to give woman the opportunity to be independent.

In every school there are about 10 teachers


59.491 Patients 

In the medical dispensary in Bhadohi 57.300 people alone were treated in 2018 - its like a health care for a whole city.
"Imagine being born in a city with no health care possibilities"

"Imagine being born in a city with no health care possibilities

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