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An ambassador or ambassadress (female) is a person who provides curtain interests for an organization or a government. Political houses known by wording like embassy are stationed representative of a government in a foreign capital. The host country typically embodies the embassy, as a part of a peaceful dialogue within their borders. The main mission is a diplomatic work for peace and maintaining stable communication: Ambassadors help people across the globe. An ambassador is the representative of a government for specific interests and his activities are important. As an ambassadress or ambassador; national friendships and international relations are high ranks to provide peaceful obligations among the agenda of serenity. Different types of ambassadors exist: Charity Ambassador, peace Ambassador, charity peace ambassador, diplomatic ambassador, Plenipotentiary ambassador or extraordinary ambassador also brand ambassadors (front faces or representatives for public of a company).

Ambassadors are like messengers: going for diplomatic mission to countries and act as a representitive of a government - as one their organs. A diplomatic agent for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment. 

The word ambassador is used in different content conditions: A person represents certain professions, activities or interessets fields can work as an ambassador for peace, too. So basically to be a charity ambassador there is no political education required. Goodwill matters. 


the ambassador control of specific territory is taking place when the embassy or an organization provides projects and topics to work along with. For example Unesco goodwill ambassadors are persons who raised up awareness specially by fame or talent to media and setting conscious public intention to UNESCO projects and activities. Like the princess of Hanover that was standing for woman empowerment specially in Africa. 


Charities as well as advocate group provides ambassadors to spearhead their movement and to establish a change on a curtain level. Like the consular acts the envoy in regions and reduce complexe affairs in a harmonic negotiationally way.

Ambassadors embody the ethics, values and the whole corporate identity spirit the organ their are working and go for. 

By enhancing conscious awareness the potential for a much broader reach can move projects to success. 


Peace Ambassadors encourage and influence public opinion of how they should perceive topics. To provide the right information and standing for values by using well prepared speeches that is the main reason why a charity ambassador is going for a mission.  


Fundraising describes the process or the act of collecting contributions mostly in form of money for a specific purpose or institution. It is well known in charity that voluntary contributions by requesting donations are helping organizations and supporting projects. Donations are given from political party, businesses, individuals or governmental agencies. A particular purpose of an non - profit organization requires money for the realization of it´s needs to achieve a goal which is almost always based on working on a solution for a bigger problem. 

charities commonly working on social problems, environmental dilemmas, animal issues, humanitarian disasters, health questions or educational development.  

There are different ways of fundraising: Events, crowdfunding campaigns, silent auction, donation upgrades, sales, memberships, sponsorships, face to face fundraising or donations.

fundraising commonly refers to the efforts to gather money in a organized way. Raising the capital for for-profit enterprises can be on a local, national or global level. based on different methods a specific fundraising money goal can be achieved. 

Traditionally, fundraising consisted mostly of asking for donations on the street or at people's doors, and this is experiencing very strong growth in the form of face-to-face fundraising, but new forms of fundraising, such as online fundraising, have emerged in recent years, though these are often based on older methods such as grassroots fundraising.

Fundraising events, campaigns, auctions or also crowdfundings, auctions or sales calls need to be planned to be successful. A good prepared fundraising campaign that shows a purpose can cause more trust and generate more voluntary contributions. They are many different types of fundraising solutions - because each has their own benefits: 

Events e.g. can increase visibility, raise awareness and earn bigger support for an organization while raising funds. the best way of Fundraising is a give and get back mechanism. Giving people the right information in a comfortable appreciated way can lead to more sympathy and understanding of the organizations cause. 


Art can be expressed in any human activities that manifests in reality. The creation of visual, performing, auditory in reality is a meaningful part of artwork. Self-expression by using creativity inform of imagination that creates ideas, develop concepts and using technical skills are a big process of artwork. Creative Ideas but also serious opinions can be expressed through art. Arts can be found in different ways of human expression. It is the creation of beauty, the enjoyment of work, the admiration of presenting and contributing to society.


Artifacts known as artworks can be seen in any part of human history. in every century human thought concepts manifests as artwork. in philosophy it exist writings, dialogues and books for example. Such as in every century art expresses a feeling of society. buildings and statues used by back times aesthetic standards lifestyles.

art is appreciated for they emotional power.  

 Art consists of paintings, sculpture, and other pictures or objects which are created for people to look at and admire or think deeply about. it is a persons inner perception of reality. Shapes, forms, sounds and or colors are creating a unite piece of art. the composition is the most important part. the composition of colors, materials, performances can create a maertpiece of art. 

Art is an educational subjects which by exercising can turn into an active skill of expression. on a deeper level art can bring enjoyment. It pleases the senses and stimulates the mind.

creative arts are divided into  categories like: music, painting, dance, film, theatre, perfomrings acts, architecture and also lecture. More specific it can be separated through styles, forms, genres and media but there exist also different aspects which can exist in other varieties of art such as value, spaces, dimensions, harmony, proximity etc.

Art is the very nature of human expression. It is the internal appreciation of beauty. Art is the express of one's self. Art is the outcome of ones perception by using symbols. Art is communication. Art can also be influenced by culture or demographical attitudes. 

art can be seen in everything and everyone.


Charity has different forms of realizations. It is a state of mind; a system of giving; a quality of character, a way of being. First charity starts as a state of mind: It is the realization of humanity.  A conscious awareness of yourself. The understatement of society, history and your own approach to the world. It is the goal that you have. Charity is a look outside your eyes and inside other people. It is the understanding that the person somewhere else could be you. It is the knowledge that you are either better nor worse somebody else. 


Charity in practice - that means the voluntary help of benefiting others in need. It is giving without expacting back. It is really deep connected to love. There are so many ways to show that charity is love: Charity toys, charity books, charity clothes -everything can be given on a good purpose. The good cause is made up by donations of people who want good for other people. This word and action is what Jesus claimed: love your next one like yourself.

Charity without borders - no ethnical, cultural or sex. Providing money to organizations that is doing the charity work for you; is the easiest way to change the world for a better. Good cause is never out of style - the quality of being kind: serves everybody specially yourself. Social approvness not through material status symbols but through values manifastating in material help. That means the importantce in society by money can be also measured in actions of man being charitable to others. Charity organizations like Unicef, Charity:water, United Nations Foundations, Care, Ashoka


merchandising is any kind of action which contributes retail products for sales to consumer. In this sense a variety of different products stimulates the interests of the consumer. Merchandise products are goods made by people to advertise a particular brand or enterprise. Merchandising is a form of marketing. it raises awareness and contributes to the buyer. When enterprises reaching a high selling position they can open retail stores or pop-up stores to promote their merchandise products. it is a form of retail commerce. 

merchandise products are special because of their very own product design. The packaging, selection of goods and pricing represent the brands USP and values. merchandising is a form of cooperate identity of the brand´s communication. Merchandise products help the enterprise to connect with the consumer and give a sense of understanding and clarity about the brand core. Merchandise products are artifacts: a very unique piece of the enterprise or brand. merchandising is sharing an carrying - thats why merchandise products are often sold on events, point of sales or directly by trained sales person to promote a special brand. 


merchandise products are ideas that brought into life trough products and sold to consumer or fans to take them part. merchandising are changeable in style and can be annually be released. to rise engagement and step into an interaction sales of merchandise products are important. It is one of the closest parts of marketing where consumer gets in touch with the brand identity. goods for retail sales market and merchandise products are significantly different to each other. Merchandise products are direct representers of the brands identity and cooperate design. they communicate often through brandname or logotype visual on a merchandised products. the importance of spreading the brand and promoting it is the mean reason for sale. 



Pop Art is a cultural movement starting from the 50´ which was a response by artist and was seen in fine arts. Pop art comes from the word popular art and celebrates the mainstream mentally, mass culture, advertisements, kitchy elements and overall prosperity of society. 

Comic books, bright colors, slogans or just elements incoherently to their context are significant for the pop art movement. Impersonal reality, mundane elements, parody and irony are the symbolic threat of pop art. 


The pop up movement was a kind of challenge. popular culture was material, isolated and visual unique through its compositions. The pop art movement was powerful, colorful, expressive and loud. Pop art is an acceptance of the popular world. an embracement of advertisement and production. Therefore also cartoons were popular templates for pop art paintings. 


Many famous artist in pop art culture came from advertisement or commercial art. Illustrators like Andy Warhol worked before successfully for magazines and created illustrational art. Pop art encompasses a wide range of different attitudes and postures towards cultural consumption. Campbell´s soup cans made by Andy Warhol labeled and visualized the product as a main point of view with no background and no other elements. pure advertisement brought on canvas - this is pop art in essence. Andy Warhol was the popular figure in for the pop art movement. Andy Warhol dedicated his life to his factory, where he painted, performed, written, did video installations and made videos.

the pop art movement was also an art movement that emerged differently in America than to Britain pop art style. American pop art was more developing into brighter, louder way and was a reaction against Abstract Expressionist painting. The pop art movement was in a period of middle 50 - 60 ´s. Some of the most important artist for pop art are: Any Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Lindner, James Rosenquist or also Tom Wesselmann. 

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